Change of Status

Change of Status from 'Paid' or 'Partially Paid' status to User, Cooperation Associates or Visiting Scientists.

If you change your CERN contract from 'Paid' or 'Partially Paid' status, to User, Cooperation Associate, Visiting Scientist or between Cooperation Associates, Visiting Scientits and Users, please read the following carefully:

Inform the department secretariat that you don’t leave CERN for good at the end of your present contract.

Without a current contract all CERN privileges including residence rights, acquired as a result of having CERN based documents for Switzerland and/or France (ex.: visa, green plates) elapse after the last day of your contract.


Your change of status can be done via EDH.

You have to fill in the Contract Modification and Extension Form  and provide a Home Institution Declaration (HID) English - French   (suggested to open with Mozilla Firefox). Please note that old forms are not accepted.
The HID has to be completed by an authorized representative of the candidate’s home institution for the purpose of issuing the candidate a contract of association with CERN.


If (physically) you leave CERN but continue to be a collaborator of an experiment team or a project, while working at your home institute, please inform the experiment secretariat, project or group secretariat, which will register you as an external participant.


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