Arrival Procedure

Arrival during working hours

If pre-registered via PRT, get a CERN visitor access card at the reception in Bldg. 33 (8.00 a.m. to 17.45 p.m.).


If not pre-registered via PRT, a CERN guarantors has to apply for a visitor card at the following address:

Arrival outside CERN working hours and on weekends

Ask the security guard at entrance Meyrin B (Bldg. 533 Main Entrance of the Meyrin site) for the visitor access card

Go to the CERN Users' Office (Bldg. 61 R-010) to register and provide:

Report to Bldg. 55

  • R-001, Registration Service (accessible for people with reduced mobility) to get a CERN Access card and to register your vehicle if you come with it.
    Qminder is an application that allows you to monitor the waiting times in Building 55 from your smartphone. You can take a virtual ticket using your device and see how long you will have to wait before your case is handled by the next available member of staff. 

  • 2nd floor, Service Desk to activate your Computer Account and e-mail address

  • R-004, Dosimetry Service to obtain a Dosimeter (If you will work in controlled radiation areas)

Follow the mandatory “Computer Security” training and the basic mandatory safety sessions. (You must enroll a "session" to start an online course.)

Fill in the Emergency Contacts form: you must provide 2 emergency contacts (persons to be notified in case of serious accidents), on EDH :

Check the validity of your Driving licence.

Take part in the Induction Session for newcomers if you are a new USER.

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