Arrival Procedure

Arrival during working hours

If pre-registered via PRT, get a CERN visitor access card at the reception in Bldg. 33 (8.00 a.m. to 17.45 p.m.).


If not pre-registered via PRT, a CERN guarantors has to apply for a visitor card at the following address:

Arrival outside CERN working hours and on weekends

Ask the security guard at entrance Meyrin B (Bldg. 533 Main Entrance of the Meyrin site) for the visitor access card

Go to the CERN Users' Office (Bldg. 61 R-010) to register and provide:

Report to Bldg. 55

  • R-001, Registration Service (accessible for people with reduced mobility) to get a CERN Access card and to register your vehicle if you come with it.

  • 2nd floor, Service Desk to activate your Computer Account and e-mail address

  • R-004, Dosimetry Service to obtain a Dosimeter (If you will work in controlled radiation areas)

Follow the mandatory “Computer Security” training and the basic mandatory safety sessions. (You must enroll a "session" to start an online course.)

Fill in the Emergency Contacts form: you must provide 2 emergency contacts (persons to be notified in case of serious accidents), on EDH :

Check the validity of your Driving licence.

Take part in the Induction Session for newcomers if you are a new USER.

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