Before arrival - What you need to do

Before you come to CERN, there are several things you need to do to prepare your arrival.


1. Ensure compliance with VISA and permits requirements.

Check if  you need a Visa for Switzerland and France for yourself and  for accompanying family members
Steps to obtain a Visa

If you are considering taking up residence with your family, you should be aware that there are differences between the French and Swiss regulations governing work permits and residence permits for the members of your family (spouse, registered partner and dependent children).

2. Ask your supervisor to initiate your Pre-Registration and pre-register remotely via the Pre-Registration Tool

3. Request for a CERN computing account activation.

4. Follow the mandatory “Computer Security” training and the basic mandatory safety sessions. (You must enroll a "session" to start an online course.)

5. Check your Health Insurance

Social insurance is the responsibility of your home institution.
You will have to make sure that you have accident and health insurance (also covering you for occupational illnesses and accidents) with adequate cover in Switzerland and France for you and any accompanying family members. It must include adequate cover for all countries you may visit on official travel. More information about insurances can be found here.

6. Check with the Installation Service about removals and importation formalities of vehicles, furniture and
     personal effects.

7. Ensure your driving licence is valid for the duration of your contract. For information see "Vehicles".

8. If you intend to import animals you should check the official website :

For Switzerland : Border veterinary controls
For France : Border veterinary controls

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