Settling in - What you need to do

Now that you have accepted your appointment at CERN, here are the things you need to do when you arrive at CERN.

1. Get a Visitor Access Card

Arrival during working hours

If pre-registered via PRT, get a CERN visitor access card at the reception in Bldg. 33 (8.00 a.m. to 17.45 p.m.).


If not pre-registered via PRT, a CERN guarantors has to apply for a visitor card at the following address:

Arrival outside CERN working hours and on weekends

Ask the security guard at entrance Meyrin B (Bldg. 533 Main Entrance of the Meyrin site) for the visitor access card.

Please note : if you come with children aged 20 to 25 years and want them to benefit from a CERN family access card a Declaration with a view to the issuance of a CERN family card (Access to the CERN site for the children (aged 20 to 25 years) of associated members of the personnel) must be completed. For more information see : here


2. Register at the Users Office

Go to the CERN Users' Office (Bldg. 61 R-010) with:

the appropriate Forms

the required documents for you and your family


3. Report to Bldg. 55 

  • R-001, Registration Service (accessible for people with reduced mobility) to get a CERN Access card.
    (NOTE: the access card must be worn visibly at all times on the site)
    If you come with your vehicle you have to register it in Bldg. 55  R-001 and acquaint yourself with the traffic and parking regulations on the site.
  • 2nd floor,  Activate your Computer Account (if not yet done) and e-mail address
  • 1-001, Follow the computer security and safety courses for newcomers
    These trainings are mandatory and must be taken within one week.
    with your CERN login on any computer via:
    without CERN login, but your CERN identification No.: on any computer
  • R-004, Dosimetry Service to obtain a Dosimeter (If you will work in controlled radiation areas)

4. Go to your Experiment Secretariat to register : see

5. Fill in the Emergency Contacts form: you must provide 2 emergency contacts (persons to be notified in case of serious accidents), on EDH :

6. Get an EDH password
(Electronic Document handling system) for the handling of electronic administrative operations. Send an e-mail to:

6. If needed, download proof of your employment with CERN on this self-service link (for e.g. apartment rental or other purposes).

7. Get informed about taxation
Familiarise yourself with taxation matters and how to make a tax declaration in France and Switzerland.

8. Take part in the Induction Session for newcomers

9. Open a bank account

CERN UBS  - Bldg. 63
the on site Post Office - Bldg. 63
the Crédit Agricole  on Prévessin site - Bldg 866 .

Attestation for opening an UBS account.
To open an account with another bank in Switzerland or France  : Procedure





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