Contract Termination Procedure

Administrative Matters

You will leave CERN definitely:

You must return your French and Swiss cards, upon contract expiry, to the Users' Office. These legitimation documents are property of the CERN Host States. Failure to do so is detrimental to the relation of the Organization with the host states and may lead to serious difficulties with the French and Swiss Authorities who may refuse to establish residence papers if you return to CERN in the future.

On the last day of work

For information

  • Your CERN ACCESS CARD will no longer be valid, even if the expiry date on the card is beyond your CERN contract expiry date

  • your CERN computer accounts will be blocked

  • your host states documents will no longer be valid even if your French card bears a future expiry date

  • you can re-register at any later time like a first-time.

  • If you continue working for the experiment from your home institute then you can keep your computing account open. Users should contact their Experiment Secretariat, Cooperation Associates and Visiting Scientists should contact their Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO).

  • If you hold Green plates you must contact the French Customs Office in Ferney-Voltaire  to settle any outstanding duties or tax and to surrender the registration plates and contact  the Installation Service. You may no longer drive your car registered under green plates.

Alumni program

We like to invite you to continue your journey with the Organization on the long term! Seize this opportunity to sustain and continue developing your strong interactions with CERN by joining free of charge the CERN Alumni Network, to be opened in June 2017, which aims at strengthening links between physicists, engineers, technicians, students and anyone who has been a member of the personnel of CERN and has since left CERN. We are building an inclusive and cohesive community, which will offer its members exclusive networking opportunities and the possibility for them to become recognised ambassadors for CERN and fundamental physics. Please register now at CERN Alumni.

Personal Matters

On termination of contract and departure from Switzerland


On change of residence percentage

Before you leave Switzerland

Whom to notify ?

Before you leave France

Whom to notify ?

  • Cars: Installation Service

  • Telephone: Your telephone services provider

  • Mobile phone: Your mobile phone services provider

  • Termination of Leases: If you change your place of residence on termination of your contract and are living in rented accommodation, you must give notice to terminate your lease according to the conditions of your lease contract. Check carefully the prescribed periods of notice and the expiry date of the lease.

  • Electricity, gas: EDF – Gaz de France

  • Taxes:
    Taxation at CERN
    Centre des Impôts

  • Post Office

  • Insurance Policies

  • Clubs

  • Schools

If you leave CERN and intend to live in :

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