Forms & Templates

  • Pre-Registration - requires special access rights
    Online pre-registration can be initiated by the supervisor
  • Registration form English - French
    This form is editable if your browser uses Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    How to fill in the Registration Form
  • Home Institution Declaration (Valid for a period of 6 months following the date of signature) English - French
    This form is editable if your browser uses Adobe Acrobat Pro
    To be completed by an authorized representative of the candidate’s home institution for the purpose of issuing the candidate a contract of association with CERN
    How to fill in the Home Institution Declaration
  • Attestation of association with CERN
  • Template for Letter agreements concerning Cooperation Associates
    The invitation of a COAS is based on an agreement concerning a collaboration between CERN and the home institution of the candidate. In case that no such agreement already exists, a letter agreement may be signed.
  • Contract Modification and Extension Form English
    Former Checklist
  • Contract Modification and Extension by EDH
  • Forms to apply for a French card after registration
  • External participants to experiments (Except LHC experiments) English
  • Responsibilities of Institutes and Team Leaders English
    Institutes and Team Leaders are deemed to have taken note of the information provided in this document.
    Appointment form for Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader actual form
    Appointment form for Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader and Safety Correspondent  new form (not yet in use)
  • Emergency Contacts
    For persons to be notified in case of serious accidents on
    EDH :
  • Termination Check Sheet English(pdf)
    End of contract : a few weeks before your current contract expires you will receive a warning by e-mail to your address as registered at CERN (please ensure that the information is correct using phonebook on NICE or userinfo on central UNIX systems).
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