Health Insurance Information for Associated Members of the personnel

1) CHIS - Voluntary membership for associated members of the personnel

2) Allianz Partners Healthcare Plan for CERN MPA

The Allianz Partners Healthcare for CERN MPA is a private insurance for Associated Members of the CERN Personnel and their accompanying family members. Each covered person must be registered and paid for individually. The insurance is valid worldwide with the exception of the USA. This insurance covers a range of in-patient and out-patient treatments, as well as evacuation and repatriation. It includes cover for the financial consequences of illness and accidents, including occupational illness and accidents to the same reimbursement conditions.  

Find here a short video introduction about this insurance.

In order to be eligible, the MPA must have a valid contract of association with CERN. The necessary certificate of pre-registration is delivered automatically when having successfully pre-registered.
In addition to the above, cover for members without a valid Swiss "P" legitimation card and who reside in Switzerland is limited to an overall maximum period of 90 days.

Access Allianz Partners Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs web page for all details and online application.

The insurance can start at any time during the MPA’s contract of association. The period of cover can be chosen between 1 and 6 months and can be followed by a new period of cover.

Note 1: This information is made available as a service to the CERN community. CERN is not a party to the insurance contract with Allianz Worldwide Care. Whilst best efforts have been undertaken to verify the adequacy of the coverage, CERN accepts no liability in respect thereto.

Note 2: The price for the Allianz Worldwide Care  CERN MPA insurance plan is garanteed for 1 year, namely until 1st of April of each year.
More information is available on the web site of the Advisory Committee for CERN Users (ACCU).

3) Swiss LAMal

MPAs who are resident in Switzerland or in France (> 50% presence) and are not of Swiss nationality and not employed by a Swiss institution can take out voluntary membership with the Swiss LAMal insurance during the first 6 months from the start of their contract. Note that the affiliation is payed retroactively for the period from the 1st day of the contract with CERN as MPA, even if affiliation starts later.

4) International Travel Insurance for professional travellers

International insurance options dedicated to professional travellers in Europe are available on the market. Such an option can be of interest for MPAs as an emergency insurance to complement their insurance in their home country for their stay in Switzerland and France. Generally the insurance is not valid in the home country of the subscriber.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to verify the adequacy of this cover and in particular to ensure subscribing to a health care plan which includes cover for private and professional accidents.Some companies provide options to subscribe via the Internet. Local insurance agents also provide offers.

Please note that this page will be updated if more information becomes available.


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