Health Insurance Information for Associated Members of the personnel

CERN MPAs include the following categories: Users, Cooperation Associates, Project Associates, Scientific Associates, Corresponding Associates, Visiting Scientists, Guest Professors, Students and Trainees.

CERN’s associated members of the personnel are required to have adequate health insurance as stipulated in CERN’s Rules and Regulations:

“Associated members of the personnel and their accompanying family members shall have health insurance cover that is adequate in both Host States (France and Switzerland) for the financial consequences of illness and accidents, including occupational illness and accidents for the associated members of the personnel. … The loss of insurance cover entails automatic termination of the contract of association.”

As an associated member of the personnel, your health insurance is the responsibility of your home institution or, that failing, your own responsibility. If your health insurance is not adequate in Switzerland and France, you must procure the necessary insurance for yourself and any accompanying family members.

CERN is not involved in arranging your health insurance, and engages no liability in this respect. However, CERN has identified options which could prove useful should you need to take out health insurance valid in the local area. You are free to select either of these options, or to take out any other health insurance policy which meets the requirements as set out above and responds best to your personal situation.

1) Allianz Worldwide Care Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs

This private insurance is offered by Allianz Worldwide Care to CERN MPAs (Associated Members of the Personnel, including Users) and their accompanying family members. Each covered person must be registered and paid for individually. The insurance is valid worldwide with the exception of the USA.

Find here a short video introduction.

To be eligible, MPAs must hold a valid contract of association with CERN.

The insurance can start at any time during the MPA’s contract of association. The period of cover can be chosen between 1 and 6 months and can be followed by a new period of cover. The insurance police is requested directly via the web site of Allianz Worldwide Care which provides detailed information.

The insurer requests an attestation of associateship for those who are already registered as an MPA at CERN or for new MPAs the certificate of pre-registration which is delivered automatically when having successfully pre-registered.

Note 1: This information is made available as a service to the CERN community. CERN is not a party to the insurance contract with Allianz Worldwide Care. Whilst best efforts have been undertaken to verify the adequacy of the coverage, CERN accepts no liability in respect thereto.

Note 2: The price for the Allianz Worldwide Care  CERN MPA insurance plan is garanteed for 1 year, namely until 1st of April of each year.
More information is available on the web site of the Advisory committee for CERN Users (ACCU) .

2) CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)

MPAs can take out voluntary membership in the CERN Health Insurance Scheme, at their own expense (Contribution Rates and Bases), by contacting UNIQA. Eligibility is restricted to the duration of the contract of association with CERN, and membership must commence during the first month of the contract of association.

This option will not be available any more as of of July 2017. Current members can continue the membership. They will not be covered any longer for professional accident. MPAs (including Users) need to verify with their institute their professional accident insurance which is obligatory for an MPA. 

UNIQA location: Building 63 R-001 (next to the Post Office)
Opening hours Monday to Friday 9.00-12; Tuesday and Thursday 14.00-16.00. Tel.: 022 767 27 30

3) Swiss LAMal

MPAs who are resident in Switzerland or in France (> 50% presence) and are not of Swiss nationality and not employed by a Swiss institution can take out voluntary membership with the Swiss LAMal insurance during the first 6 months from the start of their contract. Note that the affiliation is payed retroactively for the period from the 1st day of the contract with CERN as MPA, even if affiliation starts later.

4) International Travel Insurance for professional travellers

International insurance options dedicated to professional travellers in Europe are available on the market. Such an option can be of interest for MPAs as an emergency insurance to complement their insurance in their home country for their stay in Switzerland and France. Generally the insurance is not valid in the home country of the subscriber.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to verify the adequacy of this cover and in particular to ensure subscribing to a health care plan which includes cover for private and professional accidents.Some companies provide options to subscribe via the Internet. Local insurance agents also provide offers.

Please note that this page will be updated if more information becomes available.


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