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Which measures are available at CERN to help in case of harassment or conflict in the work place?

CERN has implemented two independent measures to help anyone working on the CERN site in case of conflict in the work place and moral or sexual harassment.

The Ombudsperson is available for informal advice and guidance in conflict resolution and the Harassment Investigation Panel (HIP) can be contacted to perform an administrative investigation in case of perceived moral or sexual harassment. Both bodies are impartial and any conversation and procedures are confidential.

Supervisors should, if possible, be contacted initially to help resolving a conflict. The medical service and the CERN psychologist can be contacted as well.

Everyone is advised to follow up eventual harassment in an early stage. Harassment can take many different forms and is complex to determine. The Ombudsperson is specially trained in these matters.  He can listen, advice and guide and will not do any further steps without the permission of the person concerned. It is generally of great help to talk to a person in confidence who understands the context of CERN but is not in a direct professional relationship with him or her. Most cases can be solved that way.

The chair of the Harassment Investigation panel can be contacted In case of perceived harassment to initiate an administrative investigation. The current chair of the HIP panel is Tim Smith.  All references and procedures can be found on their webpages.

Any person is free to contact the Ombuds or the chair of the HIP. The Ombuds will not report to the HIP nor divulge any information provided to him in case of a later administrative investigation.

The Code of Conduct applies to any person working on the CERN site: CERN staff, associated members and subcontractor.

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