Induction session for new USERs

Next induction session: 6 September 2017

The Learning and Development Group in HR organises every quarter an induction session, which aims to foster the integration of new members of personnel in CERN.

Such sessions provide useful information on different services at CERN, and also opportunities for networking with other members of CERN personnel during the breaks.

They offer the possibility to discuss with Department Heads and the Directorate of CERN.

Users can participate in such sessions.

Want to know more about it ?

Have a look at the program on Indico.

Please note that the lunch time sessions concern staff members and fellows. You may leave at 11.45 and  come back at 14.00 in time for the next presentation.

If you would like to be invited, please register via

We encourage you to participate to this event. Please provide your feedback to enable us to make this event evolve in a most useful direction.

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