New Registration

Maximum length of contract
Users and Cooperation Associates 3 years - Visiting Scientists 1 year
A Short term contract is a single stay of maximum 3 months, not renewable

The registration procedures are subject to the CERN Staff Rules and Regulations and the agreements between CERN and the Swiss and French authorities.

Please note the registration procedure:

  • The person in charge (for users, Team Leader, Group Leader of the institute and for COAS and VISC the Department Head or an authorized person on his/her behalf) has to initiate the online registration via the 
    Pre-Registration Tool PRT (you can now obtain computer access rights). This process replaces the previously used paper registration form.

    As a person in charge please consult the HowTo documentation and the video tutorial

  • The following two documents are mandatory for the pre-registration and need to be attached to the online registration form:
    • The Home Institution Declaration - HID (Valid for a period of 6 months following the date of signature) English - French Please note that old forms are not accepted.
      Please consult: How to fill in the Home Institution Declaration
      The HID must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the person’s home institution.

    • A copy of the passport

A copy of the visa (if necessary for the stay) should be attached if possible

The original VISA must be shown at arrival in the Users’ Office.

Citizens of countries outside the European Economic Area and Schengen, either registered at <55% or with a single stay not exceeding a maximum of 3 months must provide a Convention d’Accueil duly completed and signed by an authorised member of the personnel when they come to the User’s office to be registered.
This form will allow the new members to be declared to the French authorities.

Please consult:
Visa Requirement and Procedure for Switzerland and France
Steps to obtain a Visa before coming to CERN

For the pre-registration of a COAS a cooperation agreement number is required.

Following the online pre-registration newcomers must come to the Users' Office to finalize their registration.

Documents for accompanying family members

Documents for the Dosimetry Service

The Dosimetry Service organises the legally required personal dosimetry monitoring of individuals occupationally exposed to ionising radiation at CERN.

If you need to obtain a personal dosimeter, conditions and required documents are available here.

  * These forms are editable if your browser uses Adobe Acrobat Pro.
** An Official translation into English, German, French, Italian or Spanish is required. You can contact your national embassy/consulate or the Official translation service of Geneva.


Once registered you can print an attestation of your association to CERN.

The original signature from the Team Leader/Department Head is required for the Registration form and the Contract Modification and Extention Form.

In exceptional cases, the Users's Office can accept a digital signature (electronic copy) if the document is sent to the User and to by the signature holder via email or fax. In this case, the User must bring a copy of this email when registering at the User's Office.

The original signature from the reponsible is required for the Home Institution Declaration Form.

In exceptional cases, the Users's Office can accept a digital signature (electronic copy) if the document is attached to the electronic  contract extension and includes a valid signature certificate or similar evidence. The email address of the signatory must be included in this signature.

Team Leaders and their Deputies Team Leaders must be officially nominated.

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