Pre-Registration Tool (PRT) for the registration of Users, Cooperation Associates (COAS) and Visiting Scientists (VISC)

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This information is provided for the supervisor and their administrative help of the future User, COAS or VISC. The supervisor in the context of PRT is the Team Leader for the pre-registration of Users and the CERN department head or group leader for the pre-registration of Cooperation Associates and Visiting Scientists. The future Users, COAS, VISC, and ex-members of CERN, are called "newcomers" in the following text. "Newcomers" cannot use PRT themselves.

PRT was introduced to ease further the registration at CERN and to help minimizing delays for the "newcomers" that could occur due to incomplete documents when registering and in being granted access to the site and to computing resources. PRT can not be used for a change of status or change of institute.

Pre-registration via PRT provides the following advantages:

  • Personal data and relevant documents can be provided by the newcomer electronically.
  • The supervisor can sign remotely via the tool and their signature is binding for the registration. Pre-registration via the PRT tool replaces the paper Registration Form.
  • The Users’ Office verifies the data and documents prior to the person’s arrival at CERN.
  • Once having arrived at CERN the registration time in the Users’ Office is largely reduced.
  • The supervisor can nominate a trusted person to help the "newcomers" in pre-registering.
  • The newcomer can obtain a computing account before coming to CERN by sending an email together with a copy of the passport to:

The PRT tool provides the functionality to fill and send forms, present pre-registration lists, perform actions through action icons and provides assistance through extensive build-in checks and online help. Supervisors are automatically provided with the necessary privileges for using the tool. They cannot delegate their signature right. Deputy supervisors have the same rights as supervisors in PRT.

For the pre-registration of a "newcomer" via PRT supervisors or the trusted person open a ‘New Registration Form ‘. They can fill in the registration data themselves or invite the future User in their team to provide their personal data and documents in an electronic form. For this purpose they identify the new person by filling the status, the experiment, home institute, name, first name and email address. The Supervisor then ‘shares’ the form which initiates the sending of an email to the "newcomer" which includes all necessary instructions.

The newcomer fills the electronic registration form, attaches the mandatory documents (Home Institution Declaration and passport or identity card) and then ‘sends‘ it. It will be routed to the Supervisor for validation, completion and signature. No additional registration form is required. The signature via the electronic tool replaces the paper signature of the registration form and thus is legally binding for the registration contract.

When the Supervisor has signed the registration form it is routed to the Users’ Office for verification. The supervisor and the newcomer (as well as, if applicable, the trusted person who initiated the new registration) are notified when the form is validated by the Users’ Office and the "newcomer" is invited to come to the Users’ Office. At this stage, the newcomer is entitled to get a computing account and an access card in Building 33.

The supervisor can grant access rights to PRT via the tool to a trusted person, typically the secretary of the department or of the remote institute. Access to PRT requires a CERN primary computing account. In case of Users the supervisor can register the trusted person as an external participant of the experiment. Subsequently, a primary computing account can be requested.

PRT cannot be used for change of status or change of institute nor for a contract extension.

Access to PRT tool.

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