Stay in Host-States (Work and Residents Permits)

Legitimation documents: Swiss and French cards for persons registered > 55 % and contract duration > 3 months.

  • Conditions of award
  • First application
  • Request for a "permis Ci" certificate (Switzerland)
  • Renewal
  • Removals
  • Theft/loss
  • Other reasons for changing cards
  • Contract expiry – surrendering cards

Work permits for family members

  • Family members desiring to work in Switzerland
    • If residing in Switzerland
    • If residing in France
  • Family members desiring to work in France (regardless of country of residence)

Under certain conditions, family members (spouse or partner, and dependent child(ren) are able to receive French and/or a Swiss Card(s), work permit, and CERN Access Cards.
Recognition of Registered Partnership

Green plates

Members of the personnel taking up residence in France must complete the formalities for the registration of their vehicle in France as soon as they receive their "special French card" (carte spéciale française).

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