CERN e-learning course for Team Leaders

    As an answer to the many questions received from Team Leaders about their responsibilities and the administrative role they are expected to fulfill for their teams on behalf of their institutes, the Users Office has designed an e-learning course.
    The course is available from the Learning Hub after having signed in*.

    The course is public and accessible to Team Leaders, Deputy Team Leaders as well as all Team Members.

    The course is mandatory and is one of the three conditions to be fulfilled for the Team Leader role to be activated: 1. having a valid CERN contract; 2. passing the Team Leaders' course exam; 3. being officially appointed and nominated by the Users Office.

    Once their role has been activated, Team Leaders are able to pre-register future Users via PRT and sign the EDH contract amendments requests of their Team Members.

    * Please allow one day for the information to be updated in the database after passing the course exam.


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