Newcomers measures and requirements - COVID-19

    Prior to accessing the CERN site, you will need to complete the following steps:

    1. Pass the CERN COVID-19 Training Course
      All newcomers coming on the CERN sites have to pass a compulsory COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures at CERN training course in order to access the CERN sites. 
      This course is available from the Learning Hub.
    2. Sign the CERN COVID-19 Self-Declaration
      All newcomers coming on the CERN sites must sign a form to declare that they have read and understood the current COVID-19 related access restrictions in force at CERN.
      Please read the accompanying Instructions before signing the declaration.
      → The Declaration is available here in English and in French and must be provided to Building 55.

    3. Familiarise yourself with the COVID-19 measures in place on site. They are available on the HSE page and FAQ , as well as on the Users’ Office dedicated page.

    4. Take careful note of the quarantine imposed by CERN
      All members of personnel arriving or returning from a country or area for which Switzerland and/or France impose a mandatory quarantine upon arrival or return and must declare their situation to the Service Desk and not come on the CERN site during the travel quarantine period.
      If you are exempted from travel quarantine under the applicable regulations of both France and Switzerland, because you are fully vaccinated for example, no particular action is required. Information regarding the travel quarantine rules can be found here for France and Switzerland. See here for more details:  

    5. Contact your Experiment / Group Secretariat for instructions on how to collect your Personal Protection Equipment (face masks, hydro-alcoholic sanitizer, etc.) upon your arrival at CERN and book an appointment to collect your Proximeter device.

    Prior to travelling to the CERN Host Sates, you will need to take careful note of their respective entry and stay requirements as detailed here as well as on this page, and in particular:


    Entry and quarantine upon arrival:


    Entry requirements and quarantine rules to be followed here

    ​​For people travelling from an orange or red zone an exempted international movement certificate for travel to metropolitan France, available to download on this link, must be presented to travel companies as well as to border control authorities. Travelers must also provide an declaration on honour, available here.

    In the case of entry via Switzerland, travelers must carry with them valid ID documentation, proof of French residence (eg. residence permit, electricity bill, rental agreement, hotel bill, etc.), as well as a completed copy of the CERN attestation, available to download on this link.

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