Newcomers measures and requirements - COVID-19

    1. Pass the CERN COVID-19 Training Course
      All newcomers coming on the CERN sites have to pass a compulsory COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures at CERN training course in order to access the CERN sites. 
      You need to pass the training course online prior to your arrival at CERN.
      This course is available from the Learning Hub
    2. Sign the CERN COVID-19 Self-Declaration
      All newcomers coming on the CERN sites must sign a form to declare that they have read and understood the current COVID-19 related access restrictions in force at CERN. The declaration must be provided, duly filled-in and signed, to the Users' Office upon registration.
      Please read the accompanying Instructions before signing the Declaration.
      → The Declaration is available here in English and in French.
    3. Familiarise yourself with the CERN COVID-19 measures in place on the CERN site.
      They are available on the HSE page and FAQ, as well as on the Users’ Office dedicated page.
    4. Take careful note of the CERN Host States entry requirements as detailed here as well as on this page, and in particular:
      From 6 July 2020, people arriving in Switzerland from a country or area with an increased risk of infection are required to go immediately on arrival to their home or to any other suitable accommodation and stay there for 10 days from the day of their arrival without going out (quarantine). Please read the information and follow the instructions on the page "Mandatory quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland".
      - Members of the Personnel who are NOT required to hold a visa and who are coming to CERN for LESS than 90 days from countries for which the entry restrictions have not been lifted (see details here), must contact their airline company prior to travelling. 
      - Future Members of the Personnel and their families who are NOT required to hold a visa and who are coming to CERN to take up their duties (for MORE than 90 days) from countries for which the entry restrictions have not been lifted (see details here) must be able to provide proof of their reason for entering Switzerland.
    5. Take careful note of the quarantine imposed by CERN
      All members of personnel returning from one of the countries mentioned in at least one of the lists of countries and areas with a high risk of coronavirus infection published by the Swiss and French authorities will not be allowed on CERN sites for 10 days after the date of their return. Please read the information about travel restrictions in Switzerland and France and consult the FAQ related to travel and leave matters
    6. Contact your Experiment / Group Secretariat for instructions on how to collect your Personal Protection Equipment (face masks, hydro-alcoholic sanitizer, etc.) upon your arrival at CERN.
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