Pre Registration for External Participants in an Experiment (PREG)

    Applicable to External Participants in an Experiment (PARTs) who need to get a computing account to carry out remote activities.


    What is it for?

    This EDH document allows you to request the registration of a new PART. It will only collect the information essential to perform the following actions :

    • Person record-matching of the new PART (has the PART been registered in the CERN database before?).
    • Registration of the primary experiment and of the home institute.
    • Creation of a CERN computing account.


    Personal Information

    As a PART you will be requested to enter information about your personal situation and to attach a copy of your ID or passport. This information is required to register you at CERN. This information will be used to match you against the existing CERN database of people:

    Personal info



    As team leader or experiment secretary you will be expected to check and confirm that all the personal information provided (surname, name, middle names, date of birth, etc.) matches the information in the passport.

    Passport check

    Should the information not be accurate, the "send back" option allows you to send the document back to the PART for correction. The "send back" option can be found by clicking on "Document options" in the EDH toolbar:

    Document options

    Specify the information or changes required in your comment before entering your EDH password to send back the document:




    As team leader or experiment secretary you will be requested to enter the CERN experiment in which the external (PART) will be participating. The information collected in this form will be shared with the experiment.




    As team leader or experiment secretary you will be requested to enter affiliation information about the external's (PART) home institute, which officially collaborates with the selected experiment.

    * The participation end date is set to maximum 5 years counting from the participation start date.


    If you encounter any difficulties finding the correct institute collaborating with the selected experiment, please visit the Greybook Web Page. Select your experiment under "Research Programme" or "Research Activities", then click on the "Teams" tab. You can use the "Search criteria" bar to narrow down your results.

    e.g : List of institutes with ATLAS - Moscow.

    Institute listing in the Greybook

    You can also select the institute and use the ID displayed in the URL : (Always remove the 00 before copying the code into the institute field)

    Participation Details



    CERN encourages scientists and engineers to get their unique researcher ORCID identifier.




    Many experiments will require you to detail your education for registration purposes.



    The team leader or experiment secretary sets the author flag to either "yes" or "no" in accordance with the authorship policy of the experiment concerned.

    ALICE policy

    ATLAS policy

    CMS policy

    LHCb policy



    The team leader may be requested to specify a seniority level for ALICE, CMS and LHCb.

    ALICE: the "Senior" flag should be used for members needing to be registered in the categories of "Physicist" or "Senior Engineer" and who therefore count in the M&O budget. "Postdocs" are members who hold a PhD in Physics and count in the M&O budget but they are not regarded as "Seniors".

    CMS: the "Senior" flag should be used for PARTs with more than 10-15 years of experience, e.g. after completion of their PhD (or equivalent).



    What to do after registration

    Note that your registration as an External Participant in an Experiment begins on the "start date" specified in the pre-registration form (not on the date of approval of the form).

    Once the pre-registration has been approved and from the "start date" specified onwards, you will be able to request the activation of your CERN computing account.

    To do so, please follow the steps below :

    - send an email to and request your login and temporary password.

    - pass the mandatory on-line IT security course to validate your account within 5 days.


    Routing summary

    In general, the document will follow the following steps once sent:

    1. The team leader or experiment secretary creates the document. Mandatory fields include the PART's full name, email address, gender and preferred language (EN/FR).
    2. The PART is requested to add personal information such as their name, gender, date of birth and passport details.
    3. The team leader confirms the passport details and other information (author flag, Senior status if applicable) provided, then matches and signs. If the information is not correct, sends back the document to the PART for correction.
    4. The experiment secretary performs the person's record-matching (has the PART been registered in the CERN database before?) and signs. If the information is not correct, sends back the document to the team leader for correction.
    5. EDH updates OracleHR (Database of everyone at CERN) with the person's information.  Automatic e-mails are sent to confirm the completion of the document.
    6. The EDH document is archived in eFiles for long-term storage.


    Routing in full

    This document follows the following workflow for approvals.

    PREG Workflow


    Report a technical issue

    Submit a request to the Users Office

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