What is PRT

    PRT should not be used for the sole purpose of requesting a computing account or remote access to the experiment data. Should a person only need remote access, the person must register as an External Participant in an Experiment with the Experiment Secretariat concerned.

    Note that PRT forms should not be submitted earlier than 6 months prior to the onsite arrival date of the person concerned. 

    This information is provided to the supervisors (and to their assistants) of future Users, Cooperation Associates (COAS), and Visiting Scientists (VISCs).

    In the context of PRT the supervisor is:

    • the Team Leader for Users and,
    • the CERN Department Head or Group Leader for COAS and VISCs.

    All future Users, COAS, VISCs, and ex-members of the CERN Personnel are referred to as "newcomers" in the following text.

    Newcomers cannot initiate PRT forms.

    PRT was introduced to facilitate the registration of newcomers by reducing the time necessary to grant accesses to the site and to computing resources.

    Maximum length of initial contract
    Users and Cooperation Associates: 3 years - Visiting Scientists: 1 year
    A short-term contract is a single stay of maximum 3 months, not renewable


    PRT should only be used for people coming to CERN in person in the near future. PRT can neither be used to request a change of status or institute, nor to request a contract extension.

    Pre-registration via PRT provides the following advantages:

    • Personal information and documents can be provided by the newcomer electronically.
    • The supervisor's remote PRT signature is legally binding.
    • The electronic PRT form replaces the paper Registration Form.
    • The Users Office can verify the information and documents prior to the person’s arrival at CERN.
    • The supervisor can appoint a trusted person to pre-register newcomers.
    • Newcomers can obtain a computing account before arriving at CERN by sending an email, together with a copy of their passport, to:*
    How to register a newcomer?

    For the pre-registration of newcomers, supervisors (or their appointed trusted persons) initiate a New PRT Registration Form. They can either fill-in the registration information or invite the newcomers to do it themselves. For this purpose they identify the newcomers by filling-in the status, experiment, home institute, name, first name and email address fields. The Supervisors then ‘share’ the form which triggers the sending of an email containing instructions to the newcomers.

    The newcomers fill-in the electronic registration form, attach the mandatory documents (Home Institution Declaration and copy of passport or identity card) and then ‘send‘ it. The form is routed to the supervisors for validation, completion and signature. No additional registration form is required. The signature via the electronic tool replaces the signature of the paper registration form and is legally binding in relation to the subsequent contract.*

    Supervisors can grant PRT access rights to a trusted person, typically the secretary of the department or of the institute, via the tool. A CERN primary computing account is necessary to access PRT. In the case of Users, supervisors can register trusted persons as external participants in the experiment, which entitles them to request a primary computing account.

    *To access PRT and sign pre-registration forms electronically, supervisors must take the compulsory Team Leaders' course and pass the test.

    Should you have any questions, please submit a request through the UO Service Page

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