Anyone returning from a country/area with a high risk for COVID-19 infections classified as such by either Switzerland (on the list at any point in the 10 days before entry into Switzerland) or France (on the list at any point in the 14 days before entry into France).

    Please read the information about travel restrictions in Switzerland and France and consult the FAQ related to travel and leave matters.


    Take careful note of the quarantine imposed by CERN
    All members of personnel returning from one of the countries as mentioned in point 5. will not be allowed on CERN sites during for 10 days after the date of their return days, as of 8 October. This measure is retroactive: anyone who is already in travel quarantine should complete it up to 10 days. .
    A negative test result does not exempt the persons from the CERN mandatory quarantine requirement or shorten the quarantine period.

    Medical and travel quarantine (Covid 19)

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