Responsibilities of Institutes, Duties and Obligations of Team Leaders and Safety Correspondents. Team registration

    The document which defines the responsibilities of the Home Institution, as well as the Duties and Obligations of the Team Leader and the Safety Correspondent can be found here.
    Further information relative to teams is available here.

    Steps to become a Team Leader / Deputy Team Leader (DTL):

          Person not yet registered at CERN or without a valid contract:

    The future Team Leader has to provide the following to the Users Office and Experimental secretariat (by person or by email):

    The Deputy Team Leader should be registered by the Team Leader via Pre-Registration Tool and visit Users Office in person in order to sign their contract.

    Person already registered at CERN with active contract:

    The future Team Leader/Deputy Team Leader has to provide to the Users Office and Experimental secretariat (by person or by email):

    • Appointment form, duly filled-in and signed by Institute Representative and CERN Experiment Spokesperson.


    IMPORTANT Team Leader role activation requirements:

    To activate their role and specific access rights, Team Leaders and their Deputies must:

    • Have a valid contract with CERN.
    • Take and successfully pass the Team Leaders e-course.
    • Be officially nominated

    The Home Institute is responsible for immediately informing the Users’ Office of any new or change of appointment.

    Appointment of a Safety Correspondent from a collaborating institute:
    The form can be found here.

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