Small private parcels

ACCU requested in December 2016 to investigate possibilities to receive small private parcels at CERN without using the CERN mail office, which cannot process private parcels. In March 2017 it was reported that a free service exists at the CERN post office already. However, questions appeared concerning people not living in Switzerland.

  • This is possible through the free PickPost Service. Users need to create an account using this website. PickPost offers a flexible way of receiving parcels at about 2,300 PickPost points.

    Users will be informed by text message (Swiss mobile no. needed) and/or email of the arrival of their parcel at the CERN’s Post Office. Parcels are kept for 7 days maximum.

  • Another free service is Poste Restante: Users can use this service if they have no fixed distribution address of their parcel or letter. Delivery address is:

    <name of the user>
    Poste Restante – CERN
    1211 Geneve 23

At this service, CERN’s Post Office will not inform users about the arrival of letters or/and parcels such that they need to check at the Post Office. Letters and/or small parcels will be kept during one month maximum.