Travel restrictions

    • Members of the CERN personnel (and their family members) who are not required to hold a visa, arriving from a country for which the entry restrictions into Switzerland have not been lifted and who need to enter Switzerland to take up their duties, must be able to provide proof of their reason for entering Switzerland;

      Short stay (90 days max)

    • Members of the CERN personnel who hold a valid visa or who are not required to hold a visa are asked to check the boarding requirements and, if applicable, must obtain a "laissez-passer" document from their local consulate to confirm that their entry into Switzerland meets the requirements of the COVID-19 Ordinance 3;

    • Transit through Switzerland remains authorised, except for short stays that are not for the purposes of gainful employment (see article 4 of COVID-19 Ordinance 3;

    • Holders of a carte de légitimation, a Swiss permit or a valid Schengen visa are authorised to enter Switzerland but remain subject to the quarantine requirements set out above if they arrive from a country or area declared to be high risk.

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