Contract termination procedure

1. Overview of reminders and events 

Check the Graphical overview of reminders – Events at the end of a User, Cooperation Associate and Visiting Scientist contract
Note that you will receive an email reminder from the Users Office 60 days before the end of your contract, and that it will be possible for you to extend it up to 1 month after expiry (provided there is no gap between the expiry date of your current contract and the start date of the overall period of association specified in your new Home Institution Declaration) .


2. Termination procedure

2.1. Complete the Termination Sheet.

2.2. Return your Host-States documents to the Users Office (if applicable)

On your last day of work, bring your Termination Sheet to the Users Office, along with your Swiss and French cards (if applicable). You may also send them to us by post or ask a colleague to return them on your behalf.

CERN will notify the Host States of the end of your contract. Unless you have applied for a courtesy period (cf. section 11.) you will no longer be allowed to use your Host State documents or car registered with green plates.
Failure to return your Swiss and French cards and to settle your green plates is detrimental to the relation of the Organization with the Host States and may lead to serious difficulties with the French and Swiss Authorities refusing to establish such documents for you in the future.

IMPORTANT: non-EU nationals should keep their Swiss card to travel back to their home station. The Swiss card must then be returned to the Users Office by post, or through a colleague traveling to CERN. In addition, it is recommended that holders of a DFAE legitimation card ("Swiss card") carry with them (printed or electronic form) the list of residence permits that allow entry into the Schengen Area and present it to the migration authorities when necessary. This information is contained in Annex 20, Part II pf the Schengen Handbook (cf. pages 62-73)

3. Important notes. After your contract expires:

- Your CERN access card will no longer be valid, even if the expiry date on the card is beyond your CERN contract expiry date.

- Your CERN computing accounts will be blocked. Should you need to remain registered under an External status, please contact the secretariat in charge of your external registration.

- Your Host-State documents will no longer be valid even if your French card bears a future expiry date.

- You will be able to register again later by following the initial registration process.

- If your car is registered with green plates, you must contact the French Customs Office in Ferney-Voltaire to settle any remaining duties or tax, surrender your registration plates and contact the Mobility Service. You must no longer drive your car if registered with green plates.


4. Alumni program:

We invite you to join the CERN Alumni Network which aims at strengthening links between the physicists, engineers, technicians, students and others who have been members of the personnel of CERN. Find out more and register now at CERN Alumni.


5. Personal administrative matters

Please note that you must settle a number of administrative matters before leaving the CERN Local Area.

General overview of personal administrative formalities to be completed.


IMPORTANT: if you are leaving Switzerland, you must announce your departure to the OCPM by sending a departure announcement form to the following address:

Office cantonal de la population et des migrations (OCPM) - Case postale 2652 - 1211 Genève 2

See our information page on residence in Switzerland for more information.