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    In the light of the latest announcements, kindly note that the Users’ Office is closed to the public until further notice.
    We are open by appointment only on Monday morning and Thursday morning. 
    To book an appointment, please call +41 22 767 67 67

    or email us at users.office@cern.ch

    • Users shall come to the sites only if thus instructed by the Experiment Spokespersons or Technical Coordinators and in agreement with their home institutions. 
    • Registrations or validation of Pre-Registrations will be processed only on request of the experiments secretariats, Team Leaders, GAO/DAO (Group/Departmental Administration Officers) with the agreement/approval of Spokespersons, Technical Coordinators, Group Leaders or Department Heads.
    • Swiss and French cards can be collected from or dropped at the Bldg. 55.
      FAQ Swiss and French cards during COVID-19.
    What I need to do - What I need to know
    What I need to do - What I need to know
    Contracts - Permits - Team Leaders - Taxation - Duty travel


    In order to extend the duration of your contract, change average presence, institute or experiment,

    read the Contract Amendments information, complete the EDH document and attach a Home Institution Declaration.

    We invite you to securely share all your documents with us by uploading them directly on the Users’ Office CERNBox:


    To help with the classification of your documents, please use a common terminology
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