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    Closure of the Users' Office

    Please note that owing to the situation surrounding COVID-19, the Users’ Office will be closed to the public until further notice.
    For urgent matters, please send an email to users.office@cern.ch or contact Gaelle Duperrier (+ 41 75 411 8314).

    In the context of the COVID-19 situation, PRT will be processed only on request of the LHC secretariats, Team Leaders, GAO/DAO, Group Leaders and Department Heads.
    All members of personnel need authorization of their respective hierarchy to access the site. 
    Employed Members of Personnel as well as students, trainees, etc. shall come onto CERN sites only upon request of their supervisor and in accordance with instructions provided by the supervisor.
    Users shall come onto the site only on request of the Experiment Spokespersons or Technical Coordinators and in agreement with their Home Institutions.

    For remote access please contact your Experiment Secretariat.

    Covid-19 - Information on mandatory quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland

    From 6 July 2020, people arriving in Switzerland from a country or area with an increased risk of infection are required to go immediately on arrival to their home or to any other suitable accommodation and stay there for 10 days from the day of their arrival without going out (quarantine). Please read the information and follow the instructions on the page “Mandatory quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland

    COVID-19 Related Information

    What I need to do - What I need to know
    What I need to do - What I need to know
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