Help with crossing borders


In case of difficulties at the borders, immigration authorities of the Schengen area may contact:

Switzerland: International Security Policy at Geneva Airport +41 22 427 58 30 (until midnight) / +41 22 427 92 20 (24/7) > more information.

France: Protocol of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs +33 1 53 69 30 20 / +33 1 53 69 37 69 during office hours > more information.

It is recommended that holders of a DFAE legitimation card ("Swiss card") carry with them (printed or electronic form) the list of residence permits that allow entry into the Schengen Area and present it to the migration authorities when necessary. This information is contained in Annex 20, Part II pf the Schengen Handbook (cf. pages 62-73). Holders of a French Titre de Séjour Spécial (special residence permit) can refer to Annex 20, Part I of the Schengen Handbook (cf. pages 62-64) and to the European Council's information about the document