Support to MPAs who are affiliated to Russian and Belarusian institutes, including JINR


1. CERN Council decisions

15 December 2023 - official news: CERN Council decides to conclude cooperation with Russia and Belarus in 2024

The decisions of the CERN Council regarding CERN's cooperation agreements with Russia and Belarus are listed on the Council's website.


2. Dedicated FAQ 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the impact of the CERN Council's latest decisions on MPAs affiliated to Russian and Belarusian institutes are available in a dedicated FAQ page.


3. Personalised advice

Should you need personalised advice, we invite you to book an appointment by sending an email to:

N.B. regarding changes of institutes: although it is possible for MPAs currently affiliated to Russian and Belarusian institutes to change institutes, all conditions for a continued contract of association with CERN must be fulfilled, including the requirements stated in the Home Institution Declaration.