Allianz Care

Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs


The Allianz Care Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs is a private insurance for Associated Members of the CERN Personnel (MPAs) and their accompanying family members (financially dependent spouse or partner and children who are living in France or Switzerland). Each covered person must be registered and paid for individually.


The insurance covers a range of in-patient and out-patient treatments, as well as evacuation and repatriation, Health & Wellness support programme, Digital Health App, MyHealth Digital Services, second medical opinion service and more. It includes cover for the financial consequences of illness and accidents, including occupational illness and occupational accidents to the same reimbursement conditions.

The insurance is valid worldwide with the exception of the USA where only emergency cover is available. No health examination or questionnaire is required and pre-existing conditions are not excluded from the cover.

Fulfilment of CERN's requirements 

The conditions and benefits  of the Allianz Care Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs fulfil CERN’s requirements of adequate health insurance cover in Switzerland and France, as well as in any countries visited on duty travel.


In order to be eligible, the MPA and family members need all to be under the age of 75 years at the date of inception of their cover and have a valid contract of association with CERN. In addition to the above, cover for members residing in Switzerland without a valid Swiss Legitimation Card "P" is limited to an overall maximum period of 90 days.

Start and duration of cover

The insurance can start at any time during the MPA’s contract of association. The period of cover can be chosen between 30 days (minimum) and 1 year (maximum) and can be extended. Premiums are different for adults and children (80% of adult premiums) and are fixed and guaranteed from 1 January to 31 December each year.

Premiums and benefits

The 2024 insurance premiums have gone up by 9% according to the loss ratio table, and the new annual rates are €3,976.00  for adults and €3,180.80 for children. 

If you opt for coverage for a duration less than a year, your premium will be pro-rated accordingly. Different rates are applicable for applications with an effective starting date in December 2023.

Table of benefits* . *6 sessions of psychiatry and psychotherapy are covered annually.

Payment options

Payments are possible through credit card (possible for one-off payment only) or bank transfer (for quarterly payments).


Help & Contact:

Allianz helpline for CERN MPAs : +32 2 210 6501

For enquiries regarding the status of your subscription, please provide a proof of payment in writing to:

NB: Please specify your policy number as bank transfer reference when making your insurance payment to help Allianz identify it.


Important note: the information above is made available as a service to the CERN community. Whilst best efforts have been undertaken to verify the adequacy of the coverage, CERN accepts no liability in respect thereto.