Health insurance requirements applicable to CERN MPAs

All Users, Cooperation Associates (COAS) and Visiting Scientists (VISCs) specifically and all Associated Members of the Personnel (MPAs) in general must have health and accident insurance (including protection against occupational illnesses and occupational accidents) providing adequate cover in Switzerland and France, as well as in any countries visited on duty travel.

Additionally, any accompanying family members must also have health and accident insurance providing adequate cover in Switzerland and France.

If, for any reason, the home institution is unable to provide the MPA with such health and accident insurance, it must be obtained by the MPA.

Nevertheless, the home institution ensures that such insurance is obtained and is adequate by signing the Home Institution Declaration (HID).

In accordance with the CERN Medical Service, "adequate cover" means the following list of criteria needs to be fulfilled:

  • Coverage must include both France and Switzerland (as required in the HID, some insurance policies do not cover Switzerland).

  • Coverage must include protection against occupational illnesses and occupational accidents (as required in the HID, needs business or work option for travel insurance).

  • Coverage must be provided whether an emergency case or not (some travel insurance policies only cover emergency treatment).

  • Coverage must include maternity (for women).

  • Coverage must include treatment in the event of epidemics and pandemics (i.e. Covid-19).

  • Limit for maximum medical expenses per case must be sufficiently high, i.e. at least 500,000 EUR per case (some insurances have a rather low limit, e.g. 50,000 EUR per case, which is insufficient).

Users, COAS and VISCs are strongly advised to carefully review their insurance documents, in particular the general conditions and the table of benefits (if existing), to check whether the above criteria for adequate cover are fulfilled. Travel insurance or expat insurance companies usually offer several insurance plans with different options, benefits and limits. Basic insurance plans are usually insufficient.

International Travel Insurance might be an option for short-term stays, provided that the insurance includes health and accident insurance (including protection against occupational illnesses and occupational accidents) and provides adequate cover in Switzerland and France, as well as in any countries visited on duty travel, as specified in the Home Institution Declaration HID. This is usually the case when the travel insurance includes a "work option" or similar. Please read the table of benefits and general conditions to check whether these benefits are included.

However, travel insurances are typically subsidiary insurances, in addition to a primary insurance in the home country. As such, they have a limited number of benefits, e.g. usually no preventive care, no maternity benefits, no treatment of a pre-existing medical condition and any of its consequences or complications, etc. The maximum benefit might also be insufficiently low.

The Allianz health insurance for MPAs is a more comprehensive insurance with more benefits (for a higher premium than typical travel insurances) and is more recommended for longer-term stays and MPAs with family.

Information on the Allianz care healthcare plan for CERN MPAs.


Important notes

  • CHIS – Voluntary membership for Associated Members of the Personnel (MPAs)

It is not possible for Associated Members of the Personnel (MPAs) to become voluntary members of the CHIS, irrespective of their conditions of association with CERN.

  • Swiss LAMal

Holders of a Swiss legitimation card "P" (and their family members if holders of a legitimation card types "B", "C", "D", "E", "G", "L", "P" or of a Ci permit) can take out voluntary membership with the Swiss LAMal insurance during the first 6 months from the date of issue of a legitimation card. The health insurance becomes effective retroactively as of the date the legitimation card is received. Further informationList of insurance companies recognised by LAMal for cross-border workers in France and Switzerland.


Additional information 

  • Recent ACCU presentations on healthcare:

Presentation at the 135th ACCU meeting on 15 March 2022 on New Allianz Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs

Results of Users Office Survey on Health Insurance (June 2013)

UNIQA offers optional insurance protecting against the financial consequences of disability or death following a private or professional accident during a stay at CERN. However, Accidenta C-225 does not qualify as the required health or accident insurance.