Your First Day - Step 1

Please note: due to renovation works, the CERN Reception will be located at Building 55 instead of Building 33 until 31 July 2024.

1. Get to CERN:


2. Go to the Users Office:

  • Once at CERN, enter Building 55, located next to Gate B, on the Esplanade des Particules. 
  • Request a day pass from the reception desk, specifying that an EDH pre-registration was submitted for you and that you need to visit the Users Office to finalise your registration and sign your contract.
  • Once in possession of your day pass, come to the Users Office, located in Building 61 (right next to the main restaurant). 

N.B.: If you arrive at CERN outside of office hours (evening or weekend), you will be able to enter the site by showing your CERN Hostel booking confirmation to the guards at the entrance, and then visit the Users Office on the next working day during opening hours.


3. Once at the Users Office:

3.1. Finalise your registration.

3.2. Initiate your Swiss and French card applications (applicable only if taking up residence in the CERN Local Area): 

  • The officer in charge of your registration will check your ID/passport and visa (if applicable) and will apply for your Swiss card on your behalf.
  • You will be asked to provide 3 identical passport-size photographs and to sign the signature page of the French card application.



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