Contract Amendments

      List of possible changes:

      1. Change of average presence at CERN
        • If you decrease your presence to less than 55 %, you must return your French and Swiss cards to the Users' Office (these legitimation documents are properties of the CERN Host States).
        • If you increase your presence to more than 55 %, you have to come to the Users’ Office in person with your passport/ID, 3 photos (hard copy, passport format) and Visa D (if applicable), in order to apply for the the appropriate work and residence permits.
      2. Change of experiment or project – only for Users
      3. Change of institute
      4. Change of organic unit
      5. Change of status
        • If you change your CERN contract handled by HR Department to a User, COAS or VISC contract handled by the Users’ Office, please contact your new experiment or department secretariat.
        • If you change your CERN contract from User to Cooperation Associate or Visiting Scientist and vice versa: Please proceed with the EDH.
        More info here.
      6. Change of contract end date (extension)

      We advise to proceed with the contract extension one month before the expiration date. All other changes can be done at any time.

      The Contract Amendment must be done via EDH or Paper Form English (only in case of technical problems with EDH).

      You must attach a new Home Institution Declaration (HID) EnglishFrench (we suggest to opening the link either with Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. The form is editable if your browser uses Adobe Acrobat Pro).
      Please only use the links of the latest versions above.

      IMPORTANT: the Home Institution Declaration is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of signature. It has to be duly filled-in and signed by an authorized representative of the candidate’s home institution for the purpose of issuing the candidate a contract of association with CERN.

      The original signature from the responsible is required on the form. In exceptional cases, the Users' Office can accept a digital signature (electronic copy), if the document includes a valid signature certificate or similar evidence. The email address of the signatory must be included in this signature.

      • Maximum length of contract for Users and Cooperation Associates is 5 years, Visiting Scientists 1 year.
      • Short term contracts cannot be extended, therefore a new PRT must be submitted.
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